Attunga Park

Romantic Spa Getaway or Bring Your Friends!

Imagine a couples retreat, a romantic getaway in Australia’s Northern Rivers area taking in the maginificence of Mount Warning. 


This picturesque, 81 acre property is just 30 minutes from the Gold Coast airport and Tweed Coast. In close proximity to Mt Warning and the Murwillumbah town centre, Attunga Park is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle.


The cottages are romantic, honeymoon and spa – create your perfect day thanks to this beautiful homestead and its surroundings. 


If you are just after a great winter weekend romantic getaway, come and enjoy a relaxing spa and then snuggle up in the king size bed. Then make the most of your time with a short drive to Byron Bay, or climb Mount Warning and take in the splendid views, and there is always a great round of golf. Whatever your preference just let us know and we will help you organize the perfect weekend escape.


Maybe it’s more the Executive Retreats or Group Retreats that you are after. Here is another option we are happy to offer you. In fact, mid week group retreats are a great way to bring your team to a new environment, and just the views are sure to build a creative and productive atmosphere. Whether it’s your board of directors, middle management or you are running a marriage retreat, call us now and find out more about our facilities and the offers we currently have available.


When trying to take the family away for a great weekend retreat, it’s not always easy to achieve or include everyone… If you have a pet, more often than not, you have to find a friend to look after your pet or you have to pay someone. Attunga Park offers pet friendly accommodation in selected cabins. Call us now to discuss how we can make sure that your whole family gets to come away for a great winter weekend. We are one of the few to offer fantastic accommodation that’s pet friendly in the Northern Rivers.